Michelle Golebiowski - Road Safety Speaker & Advocate

November 4, 2013


Meet the Road Safety Ambassadors of Grant Park High School: Project Shift
“Why idle, when you can shift your way of thinking?” – Michelle Golebiowski, event organizer

Winnipeg, Manitoba - On Monday, November 4, a new event dedicated to road safety awareness and education will connect teens with the dangers associated with impaired and distracted driving. Completing two separate simulations, six Grant Park High School students will experience the effects of distracted and impaired driving.

“We are happy to partner with Michelle and Speedworld in spreading the word about the dangers of distracted/impaired driving. The students' experience will bring home the effects of this kind of behaviour. They will be ambassadors for Grant Park High School students and for the larger community. Congrats to Michelle for creating this unique and innovative event.” - Y. Chochinov, Grant Park High School Principal

WHAT: Project Shift, an innovative hour-long event geared to help young drivers understand the impact of impaired and distracted driving.
WHEN: Monday, November 4 – 5:00pm – 6:00pm
WHERE: Speedworld Indoor Kart Track -575C Berry Street, Winnipeg

"Speedworld Indoor Kart Track is excited to be a part of this important initiative. We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and kart racing. We have seen first-hand that even at speeds of 50 kilometers per hour, drivers under the influence are unable to safely navigate our kart track. Our hope is that our participation will educate drivers, and future drivers, on safe and responsible practices.” -Mark & Briget Sawatsky, Speedworld Owners

By working together to raise awareness and using creative preventative measures to help shift the attitudes of the motoring public, we can encourage individuals to make positive choices. We want to send a clear message to put the phone down while driving, and pick the phone up when you need a safe way home.

For more information please contact:
Michelle Golebiowski, Road Safety Speaker & Advocate

Highlights from Project Shift:

Testimonial from Alenna M., Student, Grant Park High School and Project Shift Participant

"Hi Michelle!

Thank you so much for allowing us at Grant Park to take part in such an eye opening experience. I definitely walked away with a new view on driving safety. 

I know that this was a Pilot event and I was really honoured to be able to take part in that simulation. I am just letting you know that if you decide to continue with the program in future years please let me know, I would love to be a part of planning to make the event even better than what it already was.

Like I said before the experience was extremely eye opening and I took a lot away from the project. I have told many people about what it was like and I am planning on sharing my knowledge with others.

I am so sorry that you had to lose your best friend to something that could very easily have been avoided. I could never imagine loosing someone close to me and I never want anyone to have to loose someone that means a lot to them, especially in an impaired driving incident. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Keep doing what you're doing because you are positively changing so many lives!

Thank you so much for allowing me and my fellow classmates to partake in this experiment. 

Thank you and take care,"

-Alenna M., Student, Grant Park High School and Project Shift Participant 


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