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Past Events & Photo Gallery

Here you will find images from past events. A Big thanks to all the outstanding individuals & organizations that helped to support this worthy cause.

2012 SADD Saskatchewan Provincial Conference

  I want to thank Tim Spelliscy-Provincial Director of SADD Saskatchewan, Team SGI, SADD Chapter Representatives and Students for inviting me to the 2012 SADD Saskatchewan Provincial Conference in Saskatoon to share my story.

It was amazing to see your energy & passion for raising awareness against drinking and driving. It is extremely powerful, and your work is saving lives.

We need to see more of SADD Saskatchewan's energy in our communities across Canada and around the world. Through working together to raise awareness, we can help bring our loved one's home safe every night.

Testimonials from the SADD Saskatchewan Conference:

"Michelle's message really spoke to the people, bringing in a story that people can relate to. This presentation moved me and many others in the room. It was an excellent presentation."
-Kaitlyn, SK, Canada

"You are a very inspirational person. We are also thankful you were straightforward. You have taught us things we will never forget."
-Leroy SADD, SK, Canada 

"I really loved your presentation. You had an excellent story. I'm sorry to hear about all the people you lost. I cannot imagine if I lost my best friend. I hope you keep sharing your message to people all around because it really changes the way people think."
-Robyn, SK, Canada

"You have been through many hardships. It is a strong message you delivered to the youth. Take care from Treaty 4 Territory"
-Paulete, SK, Canada

"It was very inspirational and had a great message. It made me think about never getting in a car with someone who was drinking. Sorry for your loss but you're amazing."
-Kate, SK, Canada

"How truthful yet tender to keep your buddy Mandy still a part of your life!! God bless you & your BFF Mandy! Looking forward to seeing your webpage."
-Marina, SK, Canada

"The presentation was awesome and the speaker was straight on awesome!"
-Myles, SK, Canada

"I loved your presentation, it was so inspiring. I find it great that you can relate with the audience and help them put themselves in your shoes, and see how drinking and driving truly kills and have so many negative effects."
-Kelsey, SK, Canada

"This was one of the best presentations I have ever seen to do with this topic."
-Mackenzie, SK, Canada

"Very good. You left us thinking about how people are affected by impaired driving, and that actions have consequences. We may not be able to stop it but we can raise awareness and hopefully decrease the amount of impaired drivers driving."
-Macki, SK, Canada

"I cried when you showed us the newspaper. Your story makes me want to do something to stop drinking and driving."
-Keisha, SK, Canada

Great presentation! Really makes you think about making good decisions or safe decisions. Grabbed the attention of the audience with the newspaper and asking them to think of their best friend makes it a reality for each individual."
-Kristy, SK, Canada

"Awesome presentation to make a difference in people's lives."
-Cori, SK, Canada

"I found your presentation very moving and memorable. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have Mandy taken from you so carelessly. It is preventable. No one should get that knock at the door if we can prevent it."
Rebecca, SK, Canada 

"Such a powerful presentation. Made me think I need to step up and take away my friends keys when they have been drinking."
-Chanelle, SK, Canada

"I was bawling when you showed us the newspaper and told us to think of our best friend. It had an extreme impact, I could see my best friend on the front of the paper."
-Kimberly, SK, Canada

"You're an inspiration to everyone. This presentation was unbelievable and very intense. It changed the way I viewed everything. Thank you!"
-Sabrina, SK, Canada 

"What a great motivational speaker. I can't even imagine what I would do if something like that happened to me."
Ashlyn, SK, Canada

Thank you again for allowing me to share my story and to be part of the experience, it was unforgettable.

  Michelle Golebiowski, Road Safety Speaker & Advocate

My Voice Your Choice: Tow Operator Safety & Advocacy
My AAA Ohio Auto Club Columbus, Ohio Experience
 April 24, 2012   

  This is the original letter that was sent to James Evans at AAA to express my appreciation of coming to present. Please read on and thank you in advance for reading. 

"Someone once told me a wise quote; its contents are true words to live by. Remembering & applying these (and many more quotes just like them) help guide us in our daily lives with the challenges we face & help lead us on the right path of success.   

“The best thing you can give someone is a chance”. 

This is exactly what James Evans, Fleet Trainer with AAA Ohio Auto Club in Columbus did for me. He gave me the chance that lead me to the right door, so I turned the knob and opened it.  

Behind that door lead to the opportunity of sharing my personal experience of how I lost my best friend a tow truck operator, Amanda Frizzley; to one of the many risks tower’s face on the road today. 

James’ support made it possible to help bring me to Columbus to share this important message of Tow Operator Safety and show them what efforts I have & will continue to do to help keep them safe.  

Here is an excerpt of the first e-mail from James. His kind words of empathy and compassion for this cause prompted me to contact him directly to thank him which in turn started the planning to make presenting possible.   

“Michelle: My name is James Evans, I am a Fleet Trainer with the AAA, Ohio Auto Club located in Columbus, Ohio. I learned of you through the article in Tow Times magazine about the loss of your best friend Amanda Frizzley. Before I continue I would like to express my sympathy and that I understand that no words could ever quench the pain of the loss of a true friend. I admire your strength and commitment to her memory and the dedication you have to educate others on preventing senseless tragedies.”-James Evans, AAA Ohio Auto Club, Columbus  

After discussing the possibilities of coming to visit, months of logistical planning, 2,140 miles and four stops later; I was finally able to put the face to the name I had been speaking with and share the customized message of “My Voice Your Choice: Tow Operator Safety & Advocacy” with audience of just under 100 Tow and Service Truck Operators at their spring Semi-Annual Safety Meeting.   

On April 18, 2012 James was a kind enough to provide me with a tour of the AAA Headquarters in Worthing Ohio. We were warmly greeted by Carolyn at front reception, and introduced to Mary Lou Gallimore before being taken up and introduced to the folks up in dispatch. There I was able to witness first hand how calls for service came in and were distributed. 

It was nice to meet the people behind the scenes that help to make things happen including: Bill Linsenmayer and the two ladies at the desk Peggie & Mandy. 

We then made our way down to the Fleet Operations Garage on the east side of Columbus for the Safety Meeting where I was provided a tour and introduced to Mark Boyer, Brad Sheets, Tina Williams, Phil Ferguson, Dennis Stone and many more friendly staff members.     

It was shortly before I was up to present when I received word from a friend and tower in San Ramon California by the name of Jeff Bodway. He informed me of the sad news that the industry had lost yet another Tow Truck Operator. 

The night of Monday April 16, 2012 in St. Louis Missouri, 51 year old David Benes Sr. a AAA Tow Truck Operator, was struck and killed on the job allegedly by a hit and run driver, just shy of his 31 wedding anniversary. The family describes David as “loved by everyone who knew him”.   

According to reports he just finished scene management putting out flares, heading back to his truck to hook up the tow when he was hit by a car from behind. The article also mentioned the suspect was in custody. 

I knew that after hearing of this ill news that it was something the Operators needed to hear about. To know how the information was so fresh and how life is so incredibly fragile, and what steps we must take in working together to preserve the ones we love.

Melanie Pompili & Rob Abbott put together a lovely BBQ full of tasty food as far as the eye could see. The hard work to put the luncheon on was greatly appreciated, and evident in the camaraderie you could see & feel as we all sat down to have lunch. 

Before you knew it things were tidied up so well you would have never known a BBQ had just taken place. 

James introduced me and I came up to share my story. I remember looking at all of the Operators & Staff, becoming increasingly nervous.   

I thanked James for introducing me and the staff for allowing me to have the opportunity to come to their meeting to present and share this story.  

I began to share my story speaking from the heart, talking about Mandy’s amazing personality and our friendship. My nervousness and any insecurity I had vanished as fast as you could snap your fingers. I gazed around at the audience and was pleased to see how well the presentation was being received by the group.  

They were extremely professional & respectful in giving me they’re 100% undivided attention. It was them themselves that made it such a pleasure to be able to open up in the way that I needed to in order for the message to be effective.  

The presentation then went on to cover Tow Operator Safety including: More Fallen Towers, The Risks Towers Face, Industry Stats, The “Move Over” Law, Tips on How to Stay Safe, Advocacy & How My efforts directly relate to that of helping to keep them safe. 

When the presentation was over they applauded strongly, and even witnessed as a few stood up and gave a standing ovation. It was such an emotional and positively overwhelming experience knowing it had such an impact. 

One by one they came up to shake my hand. The amount of joyous support poured out in the line up of individuals that came up to express their most sincerest appreciation knowing someone is stepping up and speaking out on their behalf to be the voice of raising awareness of the “Move Over” Law. Many said “Thank you for helping to keep us safe”.         

Here are only a few testimonials of positive feedback Tow Operators & Staff had to say:

“I’ve had a problem with people not moving over myself and I’m glad someone is out there voicing this issue, if I can be of help in any way just ask.” 
–David Garrison

“You did an outstanding job. God has kept your friends memory alive with a passion and purpose for your life helping others. There is no need to grieve the future is bright for those who believe.”
–Bob Stafford 

“You’re doing a wonderful thing that needs addressing. It hits home just knowing some of the close calls I have had.”
–Charles Jenkins

“I loved the talk and feel for your loss, very inspiring. Keep moving forward.”
–Roger Atkinson 

“Great Job! Good luck on your journey to spread the message. Thank You!”
–Mark Spencer

I miss them all already and truly feel that when I left Ohio I was not leaving a group of strangers but now in my eyes, each and every one of them, an “Extended Family” member.

The manner they presented themselves combined with their exceptional level of support, respect and attention, set a benchmark of Professionalism & Excellence in AAA Auto Clubs.   

If other AAA Auto Clubs, Tow Operators, Industry, as well as others could receive the information as well as AAA Columbus Ohio, there is no doubt in my mind we should see a sea of change in the attitudes of the motoring public; and the respect Tow Operators deserve to be able to perform their profession safely.   

As a “Well seasoned tow truck passenger” I can only speak for myself and say the roadways are essentially the offices to our Tow Truck Operators & First Responders.

Let’s keep working together to help be that voice to advocate on their behalf to end the senseless roadside tragedies and bring our loved ones home to our families, every night." 

With Great Respect, 
Michelle Golebiowski 
Road Safety Speaker & Advocate 
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 

 “They were extremely professional & respectful in giving me they’re 100% undivided attention. It was them themselves that made it such a pleasure to be able to open up in the way that I needed to in order for the message to be effective.”                                                                                                                         -Michelle Golebiowski

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JK-8 Build 2012: The Road Trip on CJOB/Shaw TV Winnipeg
The Road Trip JK-8 Build is complete! And just in time, as it heads to Western Canada on tour to various car events. Supplied by Chrysler Canada, this 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited received the Mopar J...

  Michael Clark & Kelly Taylor of CJOB’s The Road Trip supported the cause in Mandy’s memory by sporting a Mandy Decal provided by Dr. Hook Towing on The Road Trip’s JK-8 Build that toured Western Canada to various car events.   

Michelle adds: 
"Mandy loved Dodge and even owned a Dodge Truck herself. She had a poster on her wall in her apartment, it was huge! She would definitely think their support as well as the JK-8 Build “RAWKS!”

Check out Michael Clark & Kelly Taylor on the Road Trip Saturday mornings from 10:00am - Noon or visit their website at: www.theroadtriponline.ca

21st Annual Old Timer’s Hockey Challenge: Legendary Hockey Heroes vs. Winnipeg Police Patrolmen 

  On Monday, March 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m., prior to the NHL Hockey Legends facing-off against the Winnipeg Police Service Patrolmen Hockey Team in the “21st Annual Old Timer’s Hockey Challenge” a moving tribute announcement was made in the memory of a fallen Winnipeg Tow Truck Operator, Amanda “Mandy” Frizzley.

The helmets of the Patrolman Hockey Team we seen sporting decals to support the fallen driver reading “Mandy, 403, We’ll Miss You, 2007”.

A portion of the proceeds from the event went to support the Rainbow Society, whose mandate is to provide wishes for children with life threatening illnesses.

The game was held at the MTS Centre in Downtown Winnipeg where Police Chief Keith McCaskill dropped the puck during the opening ceremony. 

Some of the former NHL players included Hockey Hall of Famers such as: Dale Hawerchuk, Bryan Trottier, Glenn Anderson, Billy Smith, Borje Salming and Bobby Hull (Coach). 

Winnipeg Jets Legends Laurie Boschman, Jimmy Mann and Dave Ellett also suited up against Winnipeg Police Service members. 

The line-up was complimented by NHL legends Theoren Fleury, Bob Probert, Bernie Nichols, Cliff Ronning, Dave “Tiger” Williams and Ron Hogarth (Referee). The Patrolmen have been established since 1998, raising approximately $195,000.00 for Manitoba charities.

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