Michelle Golebiowski - Road Safety Speaker & Advocate

"Michelle Golebiowski spoke at the SADD Sask. Provincial Conference on Saturday October 20, 2012 at the Travelodge Hotel in Saskatoon. There were 310 student delegates and their advisors present. 

Michelle captivated the audience with her professional presentation delivered in a style that young people can relate to. Her presentation focused on the events that caused the death of her best friend due to a drunk driver. 

Michelle has made it her personal mission to ensure that nobody will ever forget her best friend and that drinking and driving collisions are completely avoidable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to any school or organization that is looking for a high impact presentation of the dangers of drinking and driving." 
Tim Spellicy, Provincial Director SADD, Regina, Saskatchewan

"Michelle, On behalf of the Manitoba Association Chief of Police Traffic Committee we want to thank you again for your presentation at the spring meeting this past 
May 2nd 2012. 

It is truly individuals such as yourselves who care about the safety of others on our roadways and willing to voice that in an inspirational way, that change will happen. 

Whether they are towing company operators, police officers, emergency vehicles or volunteer firefighters, all are engaged in duties to ensure our roads are the safest in Canada. And your "slow down" message contributes to that goal in a positive way."

Again thanks,
 Inspector Joanne Keeping, MACP, Traffic Committee Co-chair RCMP, Headingly, Manitoba

"Michelle Golebiowski has a compelling story and message to be shared with everyone regarding the perils of impaired driving. 

After the loss of her best friend Mandy, who was working as a tow truck operator in Winnipeg the night she was tragically killed by an impaired driver; she has made it her goal to educate people to prevent similar senseless tragedies from occurring again. 

Michelle is a strong advocate for public safety. She puts out a heartfelt message dealing not only with impaired driving, but also regarding distracted driving and the need for changes to legislation promoting public safety.

In particular, the need for legislation to have speeds reduced to 60 km/h and a requirement to have people "move over" when passing emergency and service workers on our roadways. 

Her message is genuine and she is passionate about the work she is doing to promote public safety."

  Inspector Brent Taylor, OIC Operations -Financial Integrity Unit RCMP "D" Division  HQ Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Hi Michelle, I wanted to thank you again for your presentation. It was really impacting and impressionable from positive point of view. I personally felt the presentation had really good content.  

Your: Intro, the build up, the foundation and then your story right up until the closure was all well placed and well thought through.

I felt that your true raw natural emotion that emulated from you is what I appreciated most about your presentation.  
I also felt the passion for what you advocate for, the warmth you and your best friend share, the heart ache it brings, and your dedication to making a difference. I'm quite sure the students felt some, if not all of that too.

The students really liked your presentation for whatever emotion it stirred up inside them. You certainly gave them food for thought and it won't be something they forget in a hurry, if ever.

The resources you handed out to me is something I can use in your absence to pass on to my students and encourage them to visit your website. 
The fact that this is something that happened on their own door step too and not in some place else, makes what you do all the more hit home a true message about making responsible choices and thinking twice before you do something that can have a great impact on other people.

Keep up the good work, Mandy your Angel is looking down upon you and guiding you through making that difference.

We at Maples Collegiate would like to thank you for your time. It was a pleasure hearing your story, and for you to have shared that with us. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future."

Thank you & take care, 
 Robert, Drivers Education Instructor, Maples Collegiate, Winnipeg   

"Michelle, Just to let you know that I loved your presentation and the way you did it. The message really came across and the students were touched by the way you did it. 

Also the fact of bringing in some pictures of the scene and personal pictures and effects of Mandy made it even more emotional and gave us a better understanding of how impaired driving affects lives.
Thanks again and will see you."  
 Peter Alder, Instructor, Ile des Chenes, Manitoba

"Michelle,  Your presentation was wonderful and as the young man said:"You are saving lives" without ever having an idea of what the number may be.   

The impact of your commitment and presentation is still fresh. I understand completely the value of your work and very much appreciate that you do it.
Please keep up your good work."   

With Great Respect and Sincerity,   
 Y. Chochinov, Principal, Grant Park High School, Winnipeg Manitoba   

"Michelle's presentation was very heartfelt and impactful. It was a message on making the right choices when drinking and driving.
It was done in a manner that was not overwhelming like other presentations on the topic that are multimedia and loud.

It was amazing how she was able to tell her story to a group of students in Grades 7 - 12, not use a microphone, and you could hear a pin drop.

Michelle was very engaging. All students when asked informed me that the presentation was very powerful and good.

Thank you again Michelle and take care" 
 Candace. D, Shoal Lake School Guidance, Shoal Lake Manitoba 

"Michelle,  I would like to take this time to thank you very much for coming and doing your presentation. It was very touching and it did make a lot of people think about drinking and driving. 
Some people even went home and discussed this topic with their children. The evaluations had positive comments & feedback which was great. 

We even had people that were unable to make it, asking for that same workshop.Hope to have you back again soon to share your story. 
Until we meet again, have a Safe and Happy New Year."

 Carolynn McKinney, NNADAP Coordinator, Swan Lake First Nation 

"Hi Michelle, The presentation went great! I had the students write me a paragraph each on what impacted them about your presentation and also suggestions on how they will stay safe.

A lot of them were quite moved by your personal story. You spoke about your experience with a lot of emotion that came through loud and clear to my students.

Thank you so much for coming down! I will have other classes in the future and look forward to having you come to those as well.
Michelle: All the best in the New Year!"

 Suzanne Loubardias, Driver Education Instructor, Winnipeg  

"Michelle: You engaged the students with your story, and I was told the last presentation also was a success. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from everyone who saw your presentation." 

 Greg Bouchard, Vice-Principal, Grant Park High School 

"Michelle naturally connects with students and her presentation is very real without being too graphic. Her message is personable and very clear.
Since this tragic accident happened in our city, Students can easily identify with the location and the name of the Company involved. 
Michelle: Your presentation was very moving and tragic, yet so very inspiring. The students were listening!”
All the Best of the Season.

 Karen Knight, Department Head: Guidance Counselor Student Support Services, Grant Park High School   

"Hi Michelle, I wanted to personally thank you for coming to Grant Park High School today. Your presentation was really moving and has defiantly changed my life.

It affected a lot of people in the audience,  I heard many sniffles and was actually glad that people were getting the message.
When you told us to think of a loved one like our parents or our best friend, in that accident, I personally thought of my own best friend, who is like a sister to me. I could imagine the headlines on the newspaper as you brought it around.
I also wanted to send my condolences. I was very shocked to find out that the accident happened on a day that is significant to me, my birthday.It never really occurred to me that anything that horrendous could happen on a day like that.

But your presentation has made everything so real. It can happen to me, or someone I know. And it can happen on any day at any time.

I am planning to go see the roadside memorial very soon, and hope that some of my friends and classmates will plan to do the same. Again I would like to thank you."   

Naomi, Student, Grant Park High School

"Hey Michelle this is Hana from Grant Park High School. I just wanted to say thank you for coming and sharing your story with us, I really appreciated the way you told your story.  

You are a very strong person, and I just wanted to say you are doing a great job. Your friend Mandy is very proud of u!! After hearing your story, I am more inspired to do more about this issue of impaired driving thankx again god bless u honey!!" 
 Hana, Student, Grant Park High School

"Hi Michelle, This is Mark from Strathclair School. I wanted to thank you again for coming out to our little town of Strathclair. It was so awesome that you were able to come out here. 

The kids really loved your presentation! They were completely enthralled with your story, and it really moved them. 

Many of them said to me after that it really made them think about choices they will make in the future about drinking and/or drinking and driving. 

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the fact that you are able o make these presentations. But I guess, like you said, this is probably the best way to deal with what happened.

You are now doing so much good across the province - and making a huge difference!" 

 Mark G, Principal, Strathclair School

 "Hi Michelle, I just wanted to tell you that I think your presentation had an impact on quite a few of my students. I have been taking them out for their driving lessons since your presentation. 

One of the driving lessons I give them takes us downtown. I show them where the collision happened, usually as we are driving down York approaching Donald. Many of them look for Mandy's plaque and I point it out to them.
 Thanks again for telling your story about Mandy. It is truly making an impact. If you can save even one young life with your work it is all worth it I think.
 All the best."
Bill Temple, Instructor, Safe Start Driving School 

 "Hi Michelle, The students found the presentation was very genuine and they could relate to it. They found you were very approachable and liked how open you were.  Keep on doing the amazing work you are doing to educate the youth.  Mandy would definitely would be proud. Drive safe."
Ann Vadivelu, Driver Education Instructor, Winnipeg

 "Mandy worked with my dad at Dr. Hook Towing. Mandy always made sure that my dad would take the weekend shift, so she could babysit my little brother and sister.
Mandy was a great person to know, and the kind of person that stands by you when you need somebody to be there. She had a very unique laugh, and every time I was at work in the truck with my dad and I heard her laugh on the other end of my dad’s phone. You could tell it was her.

She loved her job so much. You would never think you would ever see a girl driving a tow truck but that was Mandy’s life.  She always told me to find a job I love.
Mandy’s death was sudden.  I remember when I heard the news I simply could not believe it. Mandy was too young, well-loved, and I will forever be grateful to have known her.

I had a driver’s education class and knew we were having a guest speaker. I never knew it would be her best friend, Michelle, sharing the story. I didn’t know what to do. I thought to myself I needed to go talk with her right away and let her know, who I was and how I knew Mandy.

It was a relief because since the day Mandy passed away I knew her story needed to be shared with people my age because drinking and driving is becoming a huge problem now a days and we need to make a change. “I think Mandy’s story is a very good example. Michelle had a great presentation. I could tell that the subject got people’s attention. I even saw a couple of girls in my class cry because of the news. I thought it had a positive impact on everyone. “    

Brett Cadieux, Student, Winnipeg Manitoba

"Michelle Golebiowski spoke to the Grade 9-12 students at Balmoral Hall School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, on March 7, 2011. She was recommended by Adam Cheadle from the Road Safety Program at Manitoba Public Insurance to speak on impaired driving.
Previous to having Michelle at the school I had heard her tell her story on a local radio station. I found Michelle’s story captivating and her message about the consequences of drinking and driving one that my students needed to learn about. 

As soon as you meet Michelle you feel her passion for her mission. The students felt the same and were engaged by Michelle’s story about Amanda from the moment she stepped on the stage. 
The drama of showing a picture of Amanda followed by an account of the evening previous to her tragic death captured the students. She shared many facts about tow truck operators and their commitment to their jobs. 

Michelle allows her audience to become a part of her friendship with Amanda and then experience the loss of one person’s decision to drink and drive.
It becomes evident that speaking to audiences is Michelle’s therapy and part of the healing process. 

The fact that she overcame many obstacles to have a memorial plaque put up at the scene demonstrates her tenacity to keep Amanda’s memory alive. 

I will be inviting Michelle back to speak to my students again. This is a story that needs to be repeated in order to save lives." 

 Harriet Zimmer, Guidance Counselor, Winnipeg Manitoba  

"My name is Julie Roscoe I was Amanda Frizzley’s employer at Dr. Hook Towing & close friend. I always found Mandy to be easy to get along with; her laugh would ring through the entire building. You always knew when “The Frizz” had arrived.I miss her smile and her infectious laugh. She loved many things in life and she had a passion for towing. She once said that it was “in her blood”.   

I have been severely affected by the death of such a young employee so full of life. We deal everyday with the accidents caused by drunk drivers but never had it hit close to home until now.   A drunk driver has taken a part of my life away forever, and I will never be the same. 

I hope that everyone will think about the pain that has been endured by Mandy’s family, friends and coworkers. The young man that chose to drink and drive, got to go home from the hospital and Mandy did not. 

Michelle was Mandy’s best friend, and she has chosen to be Mandy’s spokesperson. To advocate on her behalf and help people to make a choice to not drink and drive.  
I am constantly amazed by Michelle’s drive to not let Mandy’s death be in vain.She is the kind of person that we all need out there spreading the word, so that all our families and friends can be out on the roads and come home safely every night. 

I was present with Michelle when she went to view the plaque that has been erected at the corner of Donald St & York Ave.  This was a milestone, and it was only because of Michelle’s perseverance that made it possible to have this first ever Memorial Plaque erected here in Winnipeg.

Michelle has a strong voice about the choices that we make in life, and is driven by her love for her best friend, to get her point across to as many people as will listen. 
Please hear her message and make a choice to not drink and drive.

Michelle: Thank you for speaking out on Mandy’s behalf. We are all so proud that you have taken on this mission and know that you do this with love in your heart." 

 Julie Roscoe, Vice President Dr. Hook Towing, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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